Power plant Realp II, Switzerland



Power plant Realp II, Switzerland


Elektrizitätswerk Ursern


Delivery period:    
2015 - 2016


Stahlwerk Annahütte

Scope of supply:
RG Bolt SAS 670/800 Ø22, length 3,00 m, black bars 


The hydropower plant Realp II in Urserental within the Gotthard Massif in Switzerland is expected to reach a planned annual production of 9.5 GWh. The consortium Strabag AG / Gasser Felstechnik AG commissioned by the electricity company Ursern hydropower to build the new plant Realp II. During the excavation of the access tunnel the SAS RG Bolt was used to secure blasting in the massive two-mica gneiss. The access tunnel of 11,60 m² could be performed entirely in the driving class 1. The immediately effective anchoring work was ensured by means of an expansion anchor, the permanent support action by subsequent cement grouting. The enormous advantage of SAS RG Bolt system laid in the ability to combine immediate anchorage with permanent rock support.