Nuclear power plant, Gösgen, Switzerland



Nuclear power plant in Gösgen, Switzerland, expansion of storage capacity for spent fuel assemblies. 
Capacity for 1,000 fuel assemblies; designed to withstand airplane crash and earthquake


Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-Däniken AG


Construction period:    
October 2004 - February 2008


Main contractor:


Construction company:
Implenia Bau AG


Scope of supply:
1,340 tons thread bars SAS 500/550 Ø 12 - 32 mm with accessories for end anchorages, coupling and 
turnbuckle splices. SAS thread bars and accessories are delivered bended and preassembled according 
to structural design requirements


The thread bars SAS 500/550 are used as reinforcement in the outer shell and in the fuel pool of the spent fuel storage facility. The easy installation and the coarse thread bars SAS 500/550 compensate the high 
percentage of reinforcing bars in that project. The SAS couplers ensure an easy and place saving installation of the thread bars SAS 500/550 between the individual sections.

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