New World Trade Center, New York, USA



New World Trade Center in Manhattan - New York, USA


Construction Period:    
2008 - 2015 (expected)


Silverstein Properties


Main contractor:
Halmar International, Turner Constructions, Tishman Constructions


Scope of supply:
6,200 tons high strength reinforcement bars SAS 670/800 Ø 43 and 75 mm with plates, lock nuts and 
450 tons post-tensioning bars SAS 835/1035 Ø 75 mm as DCP-rockanchors with anchor heads and 
coupling systems


As part of the rebuilding effort for the WTC site a memorial and four new towers (1 WTC to 4 WTC) were built. The master plan architect for the rebuilding was Daniel Libeskind. One world trade center (former Freedom Tower) will reach approx. 540 m and will be the highest building of New York when it’s finished. SAS steel was used for foundation work (DCP-anchors and caisson-piles) and for the superstructure (columns and shear walls) of the new towers. Common reinforcement was replaced by SAS 670/800 for cost reduction reasons. Reinforcement cages were used to improve the workflow for reinforced concrete columns. The reinforcement for the composite columns was assembled bar by bar. The easy, fast and hence economic assembling of high strength thread bars satisfied the reinforcement and construction company as well as the owner of the building.

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