National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland



National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland


JSK Architekci Sp. z o.o., GMP International GmbH, SBP GmbH


Construction period:    
2011 - 2012


Construction company:
PBG S.A., Alpine Bau GmbH 


ATM Sp. z o.o. 


Scope of supply:
ATM Sp. z o.o. as SAH’s Specialist Company for PT-systems in Poland supplied, installed and stressed 692 pcs. of unbounded post-tensioning bar tendons based on thread bars SAS 950/1050 Ø 40 mm in accordance with the European Technical Approval ETA-05/0122

Following the design concept of a light and transparent structure the SAS post-tensioning system ensures the anchorage of the vertical loads of the steel bracings and the roof structure.
Opened on the 29th of January 2012 the national Stadium of Warsaw hosted five matches of the European soccer championship 2012 including the grand opening match.