Lotte Tower, Seoul, Korea



Lotte Tower in Seoul, Korea


Construction Period:    
2010 - 2015


Lotte Engineering & Construction, Seoul, Korea


SAS Asia Bar Systems


Scope of supply:
600 tons thread bars SAS 600/680 Ø 50 mm for high strength reinforcement, 8,140 couplers as well as 488 special couplers to connect conventional reinforcing bars to thread bars SAS 600/680


The Lotte Tower, with a height of 555 m and housing the highest observation deck at a height of 497.6 m, is at present the second highest building in Asia. It has 123 floors above ground, 6 floors below ground for parking, floors 1-6 house shops, floors 7-60  offices , floors 61-85 apartments, floors 86-119 a luxury hotel, floors 120-123 including observation deck are designated for public use. The SAS thread bars have been 
installed in the vertical and longitudinal reinforcement within the 8 mega columns. The thread bars SAS 600 /680 have been developed and approved especially for this project. The Doka Group also supplies the formwork system both for the mega columns and core structure. SAS form ties are used for this as well.

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