Expressway, Singapore



MCE 485 Marina Coastal Expressway in Singapore


LTA - Land Transport Authorithy


Construction period:    
August 2009 - December 2011


Construction company:
Penta Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.


VSL Singapore


Scope of supply:
1,300 tons post-tensioning bars SAS 950/1050 Ø 32 mm,  with couplers and fix nuts

It is the most expensive expressway of Singapore and it is the traffic connection between the east and west part of Singapore. With five lanes for each direction, the expressway has a total length of 5 km, where of 3.5 km are realized as a tunnel. SAS piles with post-tensioning bars are used because of the existing soft soil layers (soft marine clay) up to a depth of ~57 m. SAS piles are used temporary for the negative buoyancy (tensile) and permanent as foundation piles (compression). With a total length of 70 m SAS piles are connected fast, easy and safe with couplers and fix nuts based on single bar sections with lengths of 11.8 m.