Dancing Towers, Hamburg, Germany



Skyscraper Dancing Towers in Hamburg, Germany


Construction Period:    
May 2010 - June 2012


Main constractor:    
Ed. Züblin AG


STRABAG Real Estate GmbH


Scope of supply:
140 tons thread bars SAS 670/800 Ø 43 and 57 mm,
600 pcs. contact couplers


High strength reinforcement SAS 670/800 was used for insitu cast and precast columns for the high rise building (approx. 90m) in Germany. High strength thread bars SAS 670 /800 were used for the whole longitudinal reinforcement. The reinforcement of the in situ cast columns was coupled with contact couplers. The butt splice of the precast columns was leveled with high strength mortar. The reinforcement ratio was up to 13%. Using bar diameters up to 57 mm enabled concreting without any reinforcement congestions.