Costa Concordia, Giglio, Italy



Salvage of Costa Concordia


Trevi S.p.A. (subcontractor of main contractor Titan Salvage and Microperi)


Construction period:    


Construction company:      
TREVI S.p.A.    


SASITA s.r.l.


Scope of supply:
Approx. 140 temporary ground anchors factory preassembled and pregrouted with corrosion protection compound: in total  57 tons of thread bars SAS 670/800 Ø 75 mm und 63,5 mm, as well as additional accessories in the bond length of the ground anchor

The salvage concept of the ship Costa Concordia that was damaged close to the isle of Giglio, Italy in January 2012 considers the re-erection of the ship by use of a lever action induced by strand tendons and hydraulic jacks. The acting deviation forces at the steel structure between the ship and the shore line are anchored by SAS ground anchors grade SAS 670/800 placed in under water foundation blocks. For this project the structural designer of the company assigned for the salvage and our customer TREVI S.p.A together with the research- and development team of SAH developed a special project related ground anchor design, that was rapidly realized together with our Italian subsidiary SASITA s.r.l.. The SAS ground anchors were covered by PE tubes within the free length. The annular space is then pregrouted with corrosion protection compound at the   factory to ensure later both free elongation during stressing and a high corrosion protection of the SAS thread bar. Therewith the customer was supplied with a ready-to-install anchor solution avoiding further time consuming installation works on the space limited construction site. 

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