Capital Gate Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE



Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi, UAE


ADNEC, Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company


Construction period:    
April - September 2008


Main contractor:
Al Habtoor Engineering


VSL Middle East LLC


Scope of supply:
49 tons pre-stressing bars SAS 835/1035 Ø 65 mm, length 16 m, 
160 pcs. anchor plates, cone 30°, 195 pcs. bull nose nuts, 30°, 
160 pcs. couplers, standard stressing couplers and stressing anchorages

Due to the high dynamic loads of the Capital Gate Tower, the basement level core walls of the building are reinforced and pre-stressed with SAS stress bars 835/1035. In order to reduce the required quantity of bars, the conventional rebars are successfully replaced by the high-strength SAS stress bars. With 35 floors and a total area of 50,000 m², the Capital Gate Tower is used as offices and as hotel.