99 Church Street, New York, USA    



99 Church Street in New York, USA


Urban Foundation


Construction period:    
September - October 2008


Construction company:
Tishman Construction


SAS Stressteel, Inc.


Scope of supply:
15 pcs. SAS caisson piles each with 16 thread bars SAS 555/700 Ø 63.5 mm, length 33 m (~ 197 tons)


SAS caisson piles are rock-socket bore piles used for foundations. The load carrying capacity of the caisson piles is significantly increased with the high-strength thread bars SAS 555/700 used as compression elements. The SAS caisson piles with a total length of 33 m were prefabricated in one section and transported to the construction site. Therefore, the installation process at the job-site was very fast, easy and safe. SAS couplers made the mechanical connection - staggered bar couplings - of the thread bars possible and so the contractors specifications of a length of 33 m of the Caisson Piles were excellently fulfilled. 

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