3G Shiplift, Yangtze River, China



3G shiplift, Yangtze River, China


China Three Gorges Corporation


Construction period:    
2010 - 2014


Construction company:
China Gezhouba Group Corporation


SAS Asia Bar Systems


Scope of supply:
708 sets of bar tendons of smooth bars SAS 950/1050 Ø 36 mm, with both end fine thread; unbounded tendons, complete system supplied and consisting of bars, plates, nuts (special anchor nuts and caps designed by SAH for this project)


Fix of the nut post of the world biggest ship lift. A vertical shiplift allows ships to pass the Three Gorges Dam at the Yangtze River. The size of the ship chamber is 132 m long and 23 m wide and a depth of 3.5 m and 
designed for a capacity of lifting 3.000 tons. The total lifting weight is 34,000 tons and the lifting height is 113 m. A driven jack screw runs in a steel shaft to lift up the enormous weight and provide a safe emergency stop system. This steel shaft is fixed with the SAS pt-tendons to the concrete member transferring the extreme load. Supervision for installation has been provided by Stahlwerk Annahütte.

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