SAS high-strength reinforcement systems

for high-rise buildings.


SAS 670/800 high-strength rein­force­ment is an in­no­va­te pro­duct far sur­pas­sing con­ven­tio­nal rein­force­ment and is pri­ma­ri­ly used in the con­struc­tion of high-ri­se buil­dings.

High-strength rein­force­ment sys­tems fea­ture an in­crea­sed yield and ul­ti­ma­te strength. The in­crea­sed yield strength enables the con­struc­tion of slen­der yet sta­ble struc­tu­ral ele­ments thus hel­ping sa­ve re­sour­ces and costs – con­vin­cing ad­van­ta­ges for our cust­o­m­ers who ha­ve sin­ce suc­cess­ful­ly in­stal­led our SAS 670/800 high-strength rein­force­ment in nu­merous buil­ding pro­jects such as the Frank­furt Ope­ra Tower (FRG), Dan­cing Towers in Ham­burg (FRG) and World Tra­de Cen­ter in New York (USA). Ma­ny other buil­dings are cur­rent­ly un­der de­sign or con­struc­tion.