SAH steel bar product range


We deliver:

Rolled steel bars Ø 12 mm - 40 mm

Bright steel bars Ø 10 mm - 39 mm

Other di­men­si­ons upon re­quest.


Types Standard and tolerances

Hot rol­led steel bars,


DIN EN 10060
resp. DIN EN 10060 P

Bright steel bars, 

pee­led, polis­hed

DIN EN 10277
resp. DIN EN 10278 / h9 - h12

Hot rol­led steel bars,

strai­gh­te­ned, shot blas­ted

DIN EN 10060

resp. DIN EN 10060 P

Bright steel bars, 

pee­led, polis­hed, grin­ded

DIN EN 10277

and  DIN EN 10278 / h6 - h12



Delivery lengths    
Stan­dard lengths 5.000 mm – 18.000 mm +/- 100 mm
Stan­dard lengths, adjusted 5.000 mm – 8.400 mm +/- 100 mm
Short lengths 2.800 mm – 5.400 mm +/- 0,5 mm
Pre­ci­si­on lengths 20 mm – 3.200 mm +/- 0,1 mm



Finishing of bar ends at rolled steel bars / bright steel bars

  • Moulding knife cut
  • Sawn and de­bur­red
  • Sawn and cham­fe­red
  • Spe­cial de­signs upon re­quest



  • Spectral analysis, hardness and tensile test, examination of microstructure, Charpy impact test
  • Eddy current and flux leakage testing devices
  • Identification control
  • Ultrasonic inspection


Bundles / Packaging

  • Steel strip or wire bund­les, bund­le weight from 1 ton up to 5 tons
  • Stan­dard la­bels, bar­code, bar ends with wa­ter-solub­le dis­per­si­on paint and/or ad­he­si­ve la­bels
  • Cra­te packing and sea­wor­thy packing upon re­quest

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