Fields of application


  • Automotive and commercial vehicle industry: In every European car are components made of SAH steel bars, from gears, piston rods and tem­pe­red and ground stee­ring gear shafts to suspension components such as sta­bi­li­zers, tor­si­on bars and coil springs.
  • Chain producing industry: High quality round steel chains, hooks and shackles were made from SAH steel bars
  • Tool industry: SAH steel bars are highly appreciated in the manufacture of drills, chisels and socket wrenches.
  • Wind power projects: As gear shafts or as quenched tempered threaded bolts SAH steel bars serve in wind power plants.
  • Oil industry: From case hardening steels and steels for quenching and tempering sucker rods will be produced.
  • Agricultural technology: our round steel bars are used to fabricate highly stressed tools for tillage. Even ball and roller bearing steels as well as free-cutting steels were used in motor and gearbox components.

All the­se sec­tors put their trust in the qua­li­ty of our steel pro­ducts to en­su­re their own pro­ducts safe­ty and dura­bi­li­ty.