Stahlwerk Annahütte - Max Aicher, a lifes work.


"True to my mot­to “Op­ti­mi­ze the ent­i­re va­lue chain”, it was a very im­portant step for me to ta­ke over and brea­the new life in­to Anna­hütte in 1975.

At that ti­me, lar­ge-sca­le con­struc­tion pro­jects for traf­fic in­fra­struc­tu­re we­re dri­ving up de­mand for steel. My con­struc­tion com­panys need for high-qua­li­ty steel pro­ducts was gro­wing quick­ly.

As a pri­va­te fa­mi­ly-ow­ned com­pa­ny we ha­ve al­ways stri­ven to achie­ve qua­li­ta­ti­ve growth.

We put nu­merous ra­tio­na­liza­t­i­on and mo­der­niza­t­i­on ac­tions in­to ef­fect and star­ted the pro­duc­tion of high-qua­li­ty steel at Anna­hütte.

With the help of my em­ployees, we we­re suc­cess­ful in our new start. This is a suc­cess sto­ry un­li­ke any other in steel his­to­ry.

I wish Anna­hütte all the best for the fu­ture!

Max Ai­cher