SAH talent pool -

we need you for a future strong as steel.


Our broad spec­trum of in­te­res­ting trai­ning op­por­tu­nities en­han­ces your fu­ture ca­re­er by tap­ping in­to your full po­ten­ti­al.

We ta­ke on trainees for the fol­lo­wing po­si­ti­ons:

  • In­dus­tri­al clerk
  • In­dus­tri­alme­cha­nic
  • Ma­te­ri­al tes­ter
  • Ma­chi­ne and sys­tem ope­ra­tor
  • Elec­tro­nics tech­ni­ci­an for in­dus­tri­al en­gi­nee­ring

You pos­sess ma­nu­al dex­te­ri­ty and are in­te­rested in tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al mat­ters, you are de­ter­mi­ned, di­li­gent, re­lia­ble, and en­joy working in a team, then Anna­hütte is the best place to start your ca­re­er.

We hold a long-term re­la­ti­ons­hip with our em­ployees in high esti­ma­ti­on. To con­ti­nue to en­su­re our team­´s high le­vel of qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on al­so in ye­ars to co­me, we are par­ti­cu­lar­ly in­te­rested in of­fe­ring full-ti­me em­ploy­ment to our trainees af­ter they ha­ve com­ple­ted their trai­ning. In the past, our trainees ha­ve be­en re­pea­ted­ly ho­no­u­red by the Cham­ber of In­dus­try and Com­mer­ce for at­tai­ning such ex­cel­lent pro­fes­sio­nal qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons. Be­si­des working in­de­pen­dent­ly on in­te­res­ting group pro­jects, the­re is no lack of fun whi­le ta­king part in our team trai­ning pro­gram­mes.  



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